Supporting materials


Research briefs

A collection of relevant research on literacy learning, literacy teaching and reading difficulties in an easily digested format.

Additional reading

Additional reading materials provide you more in-depth knowledge on the some of the core literacy teaching and learning topics.

Practical tips

Simple phonological awareness activities that teachers can use to support children who have difficulties in learning to read.

Video and audio library

Videoclips, mini lectures and podcasts provide e,g, background to the literacy policies in Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Finland and illustrate simple ways how to start practicing letter-sound/phonemes reaching up to reading comprehension with a learner.


Digital learning game that provides training in basic reading skills.

Language Studio

Here you can access audio recordings of individual letter-sound/phonemes of alphabets in several official African languages. The learning of letter-sound connection in transparent languages is the key to learning to read.

Assessment tools for emergent literacy and reading difficulties

Basic assessment tools relevant to emergent literacy to assist identifying the learner’s skills in reading and writing.