ICT and teaching


ICT Integration for reading instruction

Teachers and students of the 21st century need to learn to apply and use technology and other media for learning and meeting diverse needs of students. Through the use of ICT students can be engaged in meaningful activities synchronously and asynchronously.

In the e-TALE e-learning book on ICT integration teachers will find basic information to launch ICT activities.

The teacher needs to know the benefits of ICT integration, how to use smart phones and laptop applications effectively, such as using WhatsApp for educational purposes, creating hotspots where Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. The e-book introduces teachers to internet sites that offer a wide range of free apps that teachers can use to promote reading skills. Find included directions and websites that are meaningful as a start-up as well as a variety of ideas to integrate ICT in the early years classroom situation.

During the COVID lockdown many teachers realized that online and blended learning were essential teaching strategies, but that they did not have the know-how, therefore some guidelines for implementing online and blended learning have also been included.