Training in reading fluency



  • Children read very slowly, moving from sound to sound and cannot remember the sentences they have read.
  • Some children may struggle to divide words into syllables.
  • They may overlook some part of the word while reading.
  • They may also confuse longer words, which have a similar beginning or ending.

The teacher can refer to the previous sections if the child’s problem lies at the level of letter-sound relationships, distinguishing sounds in a word or breaking words into syllables before proceeding with the following activities.


Pictures, imitations of food, cleaning material etc., labels, NBTL material.

Reading words

The teacher can read words aloud together with the child to improve reading fluency.

The teacher can train children to remember words that are common. These words should become sight words, so that children can remember them immediately they see them. Example: In English such common words are for example I, am, come, like, my, here, up and look.

The teacher selects words that are difficult for the child to read and helps the child to read the words in syllables (in local languages).
Example: The teacher is teaching the word TRACTOR. She can ask the child to read “TRAC- ” and then “ – TOR